Author: Bo Burkett, Owner and Creator of Fit.Life

My mission is to help different people of all walks of life not only create the lives THEY want, but actually START LIVING THEM! Each day it is an absolute must that I inspire, lead, create, give, and help guide others along their unique individual paths in life ... and make sure they have fun in the process! In order to accomplish this I must not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. My own life must be an excellent representation of what I hope to help others create. As a specialist in health coaching and fitness training, my overall goal in life is to be an outstanding example of someone who is mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong; and be a powerful example of what is truly possible in life when you commit yourself to service.

Corporate Solutions

Want to increase productivity and improve your bottom line? Then take care of your employees!  Supporting your team members’ personal goals is an outstanding way to build respect, establish rapport, and boost job satisfaction.  Our corporate coaching program can help your team members rediscover their purpose, create and develop more empowering personal identities, and improve their overall mental, emotional, and… Read more →

INFOGRAPHIC: Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Professionals

Want to Print or Save this File as a PDF? Send it to Your Inbox! Learn the 3 steps to fix a broken diet. Discover how to stay in shape when you’re busy. Master a simple, 10-minute workout you can do anywhere (especially when your time is stretched too thin). Understand the power of sleep, why it’s so important, and… Read more →


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